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Soc Sci Med ; Provenance and peer review: Further details of each survey are reported below. Men who have sex with men: Please do not count any drugs you have injected: Retrieved from " https: Could you tell us what your highest educational qualifications are? Data collection occurred between September and August Convenience samples also have the advantage that they can efficiently recruit MSM engaged in greater sexual risks who may be most likely to benefit from risk reduction interventions.

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    Further details of each survey are reported below. When did you last have an HIV test? Open in a separate window.

    However, because the proportion of men having sex with men is relatively low, 1 the sample of MSM in general population surveys like Natsal is small, precluding anything but relatively rudimentary analyses. A strength of online surveys is that they are able to collect data from a large sample and geographically broader target population more quickly and cheaply than venue-based surveys.

    Natsal-3 The Natsal-3 survey used a multistage, stratified random probability sample design.

    images la community college
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    Men who have sex with men in Great Britain: Men attending gay bars, clubs and saunas across London were recruited in S Wayal et al.

    Distributor Telarus adopts new identity as Tradewinds ARN

    When were you last told by a doctor or healthcare professional that you had… Gonorrhoea Chlamydia Syphilis. No significant difference was found with respect to reporting injecting non-prescribed drugs in the past year. Our analyses involved comparison between the surveys where questions on sociodemographics, drug use, sexual behaviour and sexual health had similar wordings table 1. In Germany, due to its high number of registered users, ROMEO is often called the "Gay Registry Office" schwules Einwohnermeldeamt or "The Blue pages" Die blauen Seiten[2] referring to the well known telephone directories the yellow pages and the white pages.

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    Les relations avec une personne de meme sexe sont pourtant punies par la loi et .
    What was your age at your last birthday? When did you last have an HIV test? Several sexual health indicators, specifically the number of male partners, anal sex, gonorrhoea diagnosis and HIV testing, were more commonly reported in the convenience surveys. We found a reduction in the magnitude of many of the differences observed between Natsal-3 and EMIS when the samples were restricted to gay-identified MSM, although no formal test was used and results may be due to small sample sizes.

    How would you describe your sexual orientation?

    images la community college
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    Please do not count any drugs you have injected: Men who have sex with men in Great Britain: Have you ever attended a sexual health clinic GUM clinic?

    The analyses reported here were restricted to a total of men resident in Scotland. Using the web to collect data on sensitive behaviours: Public Health England,

    destinée au dépôt et à la diffusion de documents scientifiques Population Health, University College London, London, UK.


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    . The study was granted approval from the Camden & Islington Community Research Ethics from GayRomeo than men living in London (% vs %, p<) (table 1).

    images la community college

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    While these surveys are therefore essential, they do under-represent MSM less engaged in sexual risk behaviours and less engaged with sexual health services, who may have unmet sexual health needs.

    In addition, weighting-up data from MSM who identify as bisexual or heterosexual in convenience surveys may not be statistically efficient due to their small number in these surveys. Convenience surveys to date have tended to sample men in gay-orientated venues and so represent only a proportion of the men who have sex with men MSM population in Britain, who report greater risk behaviour.

    images la community college

    This is most likely due to participants in Natsal-3 being recruited at home through a probability survey while convenience surveys are those of self-selected individuals in an environment where people typically look for a sexual partner. Sexual intercourse was previously defined in the questionnaire as including vaginal, anal and oral sex. It is likely that data collected by such convenience surveys reflect a particular cross-section of MSM who are more likely to report greater risk behaviours, STI outcomes and HIV testing than the overall population of MSM and so most likely to benefit from health interventions.

    To which of the ethnic groups on this card do you consider you belong?

    images la community college
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    Convenience samples also have the advantage that they can efficiently recruit MSM engaged in greater sexual risks who may be most likely to benefit from risk reduction interventions.

    images la community college

    Please read down the list and tell me the highest qualification that you have. As both sampling strategies have strengths and weaknesses, methods should be developed to triangulate data from probability and convenience surveys. The reported prevalence of gonorrhoea diagnosis in the past year was 0. Natsal-3's small sample size may also in part explain why fewer statistically significant differences were observed when we restricted the sample to MSM who identified as gay, although there was insufficient power to formally test an interaction.

    We first estimated the proportion of MSM in Natsal-3 who reported use of gay venues and seeking sex via the internet.

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    1. Injecting drug use Have you ever injected yourself with any non-prescribed drugs or other substances?

    2. When did you have your last named HIV test not anonymous? This is the first study to compare data from MSM recruited to a national probability sample survey and MSM recruited to multiple major UK convenience surveys in an attempt to identify general rather than survey-specific differences.

    3. In this way users are offered the same level of service as when Deutsche Aids-Hilfe do their outreach work in gay barsclubs and saunas [ citation needed ].

    4. Applying adjustment weights based on demographic differences to convenience survey data could potentially account for some selection bias.